Words about chattering

*The person who is a fool shows himself in two ways.

*The best answer to chatter is to be silent.

*From a lot of speaking friends, less speaking enemy is better.

*Lafle cheese ship does not walk.

*If he managed to do things, the biggest words were said and the biggest things would be achieved.

*A word that comes out of the mouth does not remain hidden.

*You count the length of the bird, it comes in summer, it goes in winter.

*Speaking very much quickly falls.

*We have a language of two ears.

*Talking a lot comes out of mind to talk less of the creation.

*You'll regret less often talking about less.

*Talks very much quickly surprised.

*The trouble comes from the languages.

*Trouble comes on a lot of talk.

*The wisely weighted their words on a scales of gold.

*Thousand talk, a talk! This is better

*slice I wish you slice.

*If the word is silver, silence is gold.

*There is no bone of the tongue

*Language is small, crucifixion is large.

*Speaking a lot is very wrong.

*Speech is the art of using a person's mind.

*The only sharpness as you use is the language.

*Talking less is a friend who does not give people.

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