Charisma Words

* Not to prevent love distances .. temporary separation .... a dream assumption .. Finally victory will be our patience.

*No return I can not come anymore, I can not find you anymore, let this love remain like this, I can not rebel fate now

*If you intend to love, you should think well, learn to cry and laugh, love is like gambling, you should pay attention , Not the dice you play

*An unknown murder now that everyone is a perpetrator ... You don't have to be interested

*You are in my mind as much as you are

*Outlets are always narrowed in the narrow streets

*I don't want a lifetime pattern anymore. Because you are a dust cloud that the wind excited, you are working to me today ... Tomorrow handle

*to keep my hands upset when you feel sorry to look at yourself in the giant mirror.

I put you and squeezed in my heart many times

*I am in the soundtrack of a movie that is divided into the real stories of my life

*Talk as much as your heart!

*I cried in the dark I painted my eyes with bloody writings I decorated with you

*I loved you like my friend, you are sitting on love for me, you hit me from love

*Variable world, I stay fixed in a world . While everyone loves another, I love you again. I was not born with your prayers that you die with the curse

*Don't think that every thirsty is incapable of talking and the pride is a broken thing ... If you understand the silence, it has told a lot ..

*I put a separate meaning on every course

< br>* ... This is not because I have no one, but because you are not "you". BR>
*You should miss it in your absence, you left longing in your presence

*Every role has an effect

*Today, if I am without you, you will be without me tomorrow

*If I was finished in you, you would not have lived in me.
*The hand you left as you pass by is my hand

*you never stay alone in all the crowds

*oh how beautiful I have a peace in me, going out of the remaining right to continue the daily love
>* I am like a compound divided into components

* Put my cells in place! No joke

*to say that I love you is not an ingenuity .. It is important to take all the responsibilities of that word ..

*We sell us for free.

*I call with conscience My loved ones are not always true
of course my elections come when I love the bastards. The road suits

*I look back by looking back. I love it. You will say that how far these weather wears until the devran returns

*Every election is a loser.

*I never forgive the wrong person. They don't know that where they are increasing, you will regret everything you missed. I will not pity you for anything you regret. I have seen a lot of those who said that I would go to the ground with you .. I always buried those who said so ..

*You are the first address of those who sell love with lies. BR>*Falling from the hand, not the love of my heart, I must either have your heart or nothing. >
*not permissible, I don't have a sample, you stay in you.

*I can not applaud the persecution, I can never love the oppressor, I can not get up to the past for the forgiveness of the incoming. According to everyone's frowned eyebrows are cut off the most beautiful loves starts in the blowing. Now it's not a season, a life has entered us, what can you return anymore, what can I open the door to you ..

*Consolation with mirrors, they do not show .. No hesitation diagnosis yourself..`

*Give my heart a punishment, my heart does not love you, God will not need for your love ...!

*Waves Happiness on the beaches melted in fairy tales my life alone on the tables ..

*I started this game I started I finish it if it does not come to work "Game over" beautiful

*My anger is hidden if I do not sound I had a slap in my last look, but you get it. The room is not worth you ...

*I see me and test .. I am just as much as you can see .. If there is a gambling, I throw the dice. BR>*Details are the mirror reflects the difference .. We are silent from our quality

*how much you know what you know is as much as you understand ..

*I'm looking for my life in rainy streets

*I bury my heart then Forget and delete it then the bottom of love is indispensable to the bottom of this here, the heart of the heart can not be or alone looking for a friend looking for a friend, but even it is algae yellow.

: The best of the ad would not be bad

*I put the deserved life in my life, I squeeze it on the head of the one who does not deserve

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