Gusül ablution pictures

What is gusül:

Arabic Gasl `s dictionary means washing.

Gusül in religion: It is called the washing of the whole body. This is called Taharet-i Kübra (Great Cleaning). This is what requires cleaning (sexual intercourse). This is also the point that women end the blood of nifas.

gusül ablution receipt:

We should intend before starting the ablution of gusül "I intend to take the ablution for the sake of Allah to get out of the ablution" is called, and the intent. We wash the hands up to the wrists. After washing, we clean the private spaces. After that, we take water to our mouth three times with the right hand and gargle. With the right hand, we draw water to our nose to burn our nose every time we clean. We wash in our body so that there is no dry area as much as the needle hole. Every time we pour the water, we rub our body. Let's wash the belly button and earring holes. Thus, gusül ablution is completed.

Gusül abdesti nedir

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Arkadaşlar bir şey soracağım yardımcı olursanız sevinirim güsul abdestini 31 çektikten sonra alıyoruz değilmi yoksa 31 çektikten sonra başka bir şekildemi yıkanıyoruz yardımcı olursanız sevinirim.



Erkeklerde cinsel işlemden sonra (sorduğun gibi 31 sonrası). Kızlarda ise aylık adet sonrasında mutlaka boy abdesti alınmalıdır.