Places to picnic in Istanbul

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Although it is the first days of summer, the picnic areas started to be filling due to the increase in the heat. Those who live in Istanbul are a bit more lucky. PP>

picnic areas in Istanbul

  • Aydos Hill
  • Kemerburgaz Göktürk
  • Belgrade Forests
  • Mihrabad Grove
  • Millet

Aydos Hill

Aydos Hill is an area where you can fall into the middle of nature and especially for trekking. Aydos can be easily accessed through E-5 and TEM connections from Kartal-Yakacık and Sultanbeyli.

Kemerburgaz Göktürk

A large area in the picnic area, rural casinos of the same size, walking paths and fountains.

Belgrade Forests

It is the most famous picnic area of ​​Istanbul, but it is a wonderful picnic and resting place for trekkingists, cyclists, junners and those who want to get away from the busy City.


Beykoz-Riva and Alemdağ-Şile road, as well as by following Polenezköy signs on Kavacık-Çavuşbaşı road.

mihribad grove

250 acres of a large picnic area and the indispensable places of picnicists.

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