What are the things to do before making makeup

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After deciding to make makeup, we need to know what kind of makeup to do first. We need to prepare our face according to this makeup. Before starting makeup, you can clean it with a moisturizing tonic, or first wash it with a moisturizing soap and then apply a moisturizing cream to our skin. One of our most important features showing a good make -up.

We can apply only 1 ton deficit or 1 ton bay to our skin according to the make -up. If we use the large feature, we must apply a powder to be uncertain.

Today, especially under the brands that we do not know, or by imitating the names of known brands is very harmful in terms of our health.

After preparing our skin, we can continue with blush, mascara and foundation respectively.

Makeup Techniques and Application Areas vary depending on the time and time of use, for example Night makeup is also affected by the light situation.

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