Solution for skin blemishes during summer holidays

The cold is now replaced by the heat and in the first months in the summer, despite being in the first months of the sun as needed to forget to take the body.

When we say that we should not escape from the sun, it does not mean that we will not be exposed to the sun's rays directly. You need to know how to protect from sun rays according to your color. Think of it for hours without protectors should not be under the sun. In recent years, the damage of the Sun rays has not been discussed. Permanent damage to the sun's rays, especially in light colored skin, may cause permanent damage to skin cancers.

According to some research, these stains on the surface of the skin can be used to get rid of this boredom using some creams that remove the upper surface of the skin.

Treatment that can be done at home to get rid of skin blemishes

1 spoon of strained yogurt `s, 1 teaspoon of carbonate is added to the smooth.

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