Diamond Prices

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In diamond prices, the size of the carat is not the feature that determines the price.

In diamond prices, four different price options, especially gold and labor, are offered to the rings other than classic uniform rings. If you are getting low or cheap diamonds if you get cheap diamonds. Because all users usually make their preferences for cheap diamond use. The price list consists of Rapaport Diamond Report `and these price lists can only be reached with a continuous membership channel in diamonds. 5.99 Karat) and arranged according to the cuts.

Diamond models and prices

8 carat gold sapphire diamond necklace 611.00 TL

Diamond pearl necklace 657.00 TL

Diamond Emerald Necklace 1.118.00 TL

Diamond Necklace 999.00 TL

Diamond Necklace 2.265.00 TL

Diamond Necklace 2.239.00 TL

Diamond Necklace 2.313.00 TL

Diamond wedding ring 924.00 TL

Diamond wedding ring 2,498.00 TL

Diamond Yakut wedding rings 1.203.00 TL

Diamond Ruby 1.653.00 TL

Diamond wedding ring 833.00 TL

Diamond Eternity Bracelet 254.00 TL

Diamond Bracelet 254.00 TL

Diamond Bracelet 3.682.00 TL

Diamond Bracelet 18.173.00 TL

Fantasy Diamond Bracelet 8.510.00 TL

18 carat diamond fantasy bracelet 22.200.00 TL

Diamond Earrings 759.00 TL

Diamond Earrings 1.388.00 TL

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