Reduction of fats around the belly and waist

Men's metabolism works faster than women's metabolism.

To get rid of the oils around the belly and waist is not only possible with sports. Cardiovascular exercise programs by paying attention to the order of the belly and waist by applying the necessary movements should be destk with the necessary movements. Men should get rid of the belly heavy exercises. If a man fed if he is using alcohol, it is inevitable to make a belly directly.

10 Rules to get rid of the belly in men

1) Regular sleep

2) Twice a week with low calorie 2 glasses of drink

3) Regular exercise

4) To eat correctly

5) Gas, sugary and creamy beverages should be avoided.

6) Gradually aggravating the sport to melt internal organ oil.

7) Not to avoid the weighing

8) Stay away from sters

9) Not hasty.

Movements operating the abdominal muscles

1) shuttle

2) Leg pull and extension movements

3) Hanging leg pull

4) Hip lifts Surfling

5) lateral movements

6) Abdominal turning

7) Movements made with hundreds of different abdominal movements and abdominal exercise tools.

8) Stops by straining on the face.

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