When should vitamin support be received

If you are doing a diet like Dukan and Karatay, which we have heard quite frequently recently, you do not need additional vitamin.

If you are diet with a diet of vitamins that the body needs while diet, you do not need vitamin. All you need to do is to consume healthy foods at different times.

Vitamin situations when diet

  • When the weakness is felt
  • When dizziness is experienced in the Diet Rights,
  • Shock diet
  • When the need of the body in vegetables and fruits is not as eaten as much>
  • When the protein is not taken sufficiently during the diet

As it is thought, vitamins do not lose weight. There are some vitamins that when it is not found in the body, metabolism slows down and weight loss begins to decrease.

Kilo verirken Vitamin almam gerekli mi

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