Recommendations for Losing Weight

I try everything to lose weight, but I still can not lose weight if you say it is useful to review the methods again. Incorrect diets, non -exercise exercises may cause inability to lose weight, as well as hormones may cause not to lose weight or even gain weight. First of all, let's see what to do, what to do. If you still cannot lose weight even though you apply all of them, it will be useful to go to the doctor. Because you can't lose weight, your hormones (especially thyroid hormone) may be.

1- Record what you eat daily until the dietary order is seated. In this way, you can see exactly what you eat at the end of the day. You may see that especially small getaways are overlooked.

2- Be sure to have breakfast every day. Especially a healthy breakfast containing protein (such as milk, eggs, cheese) will keep your metabolism high during the day. If you skip breakfast, the body will force you to burn fat by taking itself to protect itself.

3- Exercise regularly. A paced walk will be effective in half an hour. A walk after meals will accelerate your metobolism. Apart from that, move as much as possible. Go to the places where you will go as much as possible, do not use an elevator.

4- Daily consume 2-2.5 liters of water. Especially less consumed water will increase the amount of fat in the body and therefore cause weight gain. Instead of focusing on drinking water alone, you can drink a glass of water 8 times a day, for example, make sure it is warm. Your appetite will be cut with water consumed before meals. Be careful not to be dehydrated during exercise.

5- Avoid gauze drinks. Among these, do not consume carbonated drinks, even if the so -called diet is called diet. These products are especially products that expand the waist circumference.

6- Do not sleep less than 7-8 hours per day. Especially too much sleep causes less sleep weight gain, due to the slowing of your metobolism during the day, it will have weight gain again.

7- Consume plenty of vegetables and fruits. You can lose weight thanks to vegetables that provide regular operation of the intestines and fruits that provide body resistance. As in everything else, it is necessary not to exaggerate the measurements and to consume vegetables in lean or low oil.

8- Do not skip meals. Meal skipping causes the metobolism to slow down and the body to protect itself in a scarcity. The meals should not be exaggerated.

9- Stay away from dessert, consume the dessert only for reward purposes. In addition to high calorie foods, sugary foods are foods that increase appetite. However, everyone needs sugar. Meet this need from the fruits. However, you can motivate yourself by rewarding yourself with a piece of chocolate once a week so you can make your diet in the longer term.

10- Do not eat your meals in front of television and the internet. You may not be able to notice how much you eat while eating food in front of television and the Internet. Food must be eaten at the dining table.

11- Do not put more food on your plate and eat as much as you put on your plate. If you want to make yourself happy either put your food on a small plate or put plenty of vegetables next to a small dish you put on a big plate.

12- Do not make a fast snack. This situation, which delays the feeling of saturation and causes irregular nutrition, may cause us not to notice what we eat.

13- Consume spices that will accelerate your metabolism. Red hot pepper, radish and mustard help you lose weight.

14- Do not go on the weighing continuously. Weigh once a week. You can adversely affect your morale and motivation. You may fall into the error that you gain weight during periods of water. Do not weigh especially during menstrual periods.

15- Stay away from stress and motivate yourself. The body produces cortisol (hormone that increases blood pressure and sugar) to cope with stress, which causes you to gain weight. So be away from stress and be faithful that you will weaken.

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