To lose weight urgently, you need to give yourself a check. No matter how easy it is to get the church, the more difficult it is to lose weight.

If you mean to lose very urgent weight if you are between 2 and 5 kilos, you can get rid of them with an emergency shock diet. This is a lifetime of nutrition. When the person is eating healthy, a better quality life awaits itself. It is possible to lose weight up to 5 pounds.

Diet list that loses 5 pounds in a week

1. Day

Morning: 1 cup simple nescafe

Noon: 4 grilled meatballs (must be kneaded without bread) Unlimited salad

Evening: 100 g yogurt

2nd day

Morning: 1 cup simple nescafe

Noon: 100gr Chicken breast boiling or grilled, unlimited salad

Evening: 100gr boiled spinach and salad

3. Day

Morning: 1 cup nescafe

Noon: 100 g yogurt, 1 zucchini boiling

Evening: 100 gr meat boiled or grill

4th day

Morning: 1 cup nescafe

Noon: lean menemen consisting of 2 eggs and 1 tomato 1 pepper, 1 slice of whole wheat bread.

Evening: 100 g yogurt

5th day

Morning: 1 cup nescafe

Noon: 100 g fish grill or boiling.

Evening: 1 pumpkin boiled, 100 g yogurt

6th day

Morning: 1 cup nescafe

Lunch: 1 tomato, 1 solid egg

Evening: 1 medium -sized carrot lemon grater, 1 slice of cheese

7th day

morning: 1 nescafe

Noon: 100 purslane 2 spoons of yogurt (purslane grass salad with yogurt)

Evening: 50 g ton fish or 100 g chicken salad.

Rules to be followed

3 cups of green tea will be consumed during the day

45 minutes of sports must be done during the day.

Foods that are eaten during the day should not be reinforced.

2 liters of water must be consumed during the day.

Sugar should not be used when diet.

Vegetables with high sugar ratios should be avoided.

Corn, potatoes and peas should not be placed in salads.

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