8 pounds of loss diet a week

The weight to be given by diet is usually due to the metabolism and weight of the person. One of the same identification by making the same identification, but 2 pounds per week, but another person can lose 5 pounds a week with the same diet. .

The faster the weight is taken back, the faster it can be taken back. Normally, it varies between 2 and 10, if a person should lose with the diet and the weight of the weight. It causes loss of loss. The weight caused by fat, not how it is useful for health, also notices in terms of appearance. When you know the challenges of diet, there are people who can be hungry to avoid weight gain. As a reason, there will be the beginning of many disorders in the future. Therefore, unconscious and sports should not be lost weight and diet should be met, especially when the need for protein should be fully met.

There are thousands of different shock diets applied in the world, the most effective and the healthiest of these diets and the most healthy researches are proved to lose weight from the muscle, but the diet is proved 8 pounds in 8 days. Weak with supplement.

8 pounds diet in 8 days

1st day

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1 cup of sugar -free tea and 1 half celery raw

Noon: 150gr boiled spinach and 1 cup of sugar -free coffee

Evening: 1 bowl of lean yogurt, green salad

2nd day

Morning: 1 day the same or preference made of 2 eggs made of 1 tomato grater made with lean menemen.

Noon: 150 g chicken grill or boiling, unlimited salad lemon

Evening: 4 spoons of vegetable dinner, 2 spoons of yogurt

3rd day

B> Morning: 1 bowl of oil -free mint yogurt BB>

< > B> < B> Lunch: 4 spoons of vegetable food and unlimited Salad BB> < BB>

< B> < B> < BB> < BB>

< B> < BB> < BB>

< B> < B> < BB> < >

Bir haftada 8 kilo verdiren diyet varmıdır

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