Fast weight loss diet

Do not think that it is possible to lose 5 pounds a week according to your weight, of course, even though the weight loss varies in 1 week and the diet is complied with 5 kilos to lose 5 pounds is not too difficult.

Soup that accelerates metobolism 5 pounds in a week diet

morning: 1 simple nescafe

Lunch: Pumpkin soup

Search: Pumpkin soup

Evening: Pumpkin soup

1 fruit 2 hours before bedtime

Pumpkin Soup Making

2 pieces of pumpkin, 2 tomatoes, 1 ovine oil, 1 onion, half a bunch of parsley.

All ingredients are cooked by placing 4 cups of water. Salt and mint are added depending on.

Haftada 5 kilo verdiren diyet

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