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Acil Soru

Girl images

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Gold Miner

gold miner gamesGold Miner games are here: Gold mining games and all similar gold hunting games, play free gold miner 2 player online or one player. Gold collecting games playable by free. Touch down button or mouse left to send the needle to collect the gold miner, All gold miner games are free and online. You can play gold miner game mobile versions in here with mobile support, no download required and tap with finger in your iphone or android mobile phones.

Car driving styles

Araba surme teknikleriManual Gear Driving Technique. 1) First of all, adjust the seat you are sitting on according to yourself. 2) Adjust the vehicle's mirror. 3) Fasten your seat belt. 4) To start the vehicle, take the gear to neutral (neutral by pressing the clutch pedal with your left foot)5) Turn the ignition on and turn it clockwise and start the vehicle by pressing the starter.

How to Kiss

Nasil opusulurOpusmekIt is the event that takes place with the contact of the lips between a girl and a boy. Since the lip is a sensitive area, its effect is strong, kissing is the most romantic way to show love between lovers and lovers. First of all, a suitable environment is required for kissing, it is not only the environmental environment, but also between two people who love each other very much.

Secim kac yilda bir yapilir

Secim kac yilda bir yapilirGeneral elections are held every 4 years in our country. According to the 2nd article of the law, it has been decided to hold the elections every 4 years. Every Turkish citizen over the age of 18 should vote in the elections. It is wrong to think what a vote will change, because single votes combine to make millions..

Mario oyunlari

marioHow to find Mario games, Mario game is both fun and easy, everyone knows and loves Mario, from two-year-olds to 70-year-olds.

WC means

Wc acilimi nedirWc is a term used by every nation. We use it because it provides a more polite and aesthetic expression. The opening of the WC can be translated as a sink (toilet). We use it as a wc because the toilet is written on the signs provides an ugly appearance. It is also written as WC in all languages. Water closet : Water Room Water: SuCloset: Room english...

Football photos

Football imagesFootball pictures, Football wallpaper desktop pictures.

What is Kuran-i kerim

Kuran-i kerim nedirThe Qur'an means "reading" in the dictionary. What is in question here is the divine book that was revealed to our Prophet by Allah (c.c) through Gabriel and sent down in twenty-three years is called the QURAN. OTHER MAJOR BOOKS:
TEVRAT: It is called the first five books of the Old Testament. It is also known as the five books of Moses. by God.

What Does a Donkey Know From Hosaf Proverb Meaning

Esek Hosaftan Ne Anlar Atasozu AnlamiWhat Does a Donkey Know From Hosaf Proverb Meaning: What does the donkey know from the hosaf, it drinks its water and leaves a grain of it. In this proverb, an old situation is emphasized, if you put a hosaf in front of a donkey, the donkey will drink its juice. But he will not eat the more delicious grains because he cannot recognize them. This proverb: It is used for those who do not have an opinion on a subject.

31 means in Turkish

31 ne demek31 what is The word 31 is an abbreviation. The use of the word as 31 dates back to Ottoman history: He used the term "hand pull" in the Ottoman period. Since it would be considered rude to say everything openly in the Ottoman Empire, they made it a custom to add up the numbers with the abced account instead of using slang terms and say the result. my example: grabbing hand = 31 hand = 31.

What is a cable channel and what is it for?

Kablo kanali nedir, ne ise yararCable duct is an electrical element used in plaster-mounted installation. Its purpose is to prevent confusion in the environment by passing the cables under it. It is easy to assemble, and when it is necessary to make changes later, the channels can be combined differently by inserting them. In this respect, it can be preferred because it is modular.

Maya calendar 2012 nedir

Maya takvimi 2012 nedirDecember 21, 2012 is marked as the last day in the Mayan calendar. This is the most important reason for the debates. because the mayas had very advanced knowledge in astronomy. Those who thought that the Mayan civilization couldn't have done anything wrong, as it was the end of the calendar at midnight on December 21, 2012, are already frightened. We have reached the date of December 21, 2022 and we are living, so another legend is history.