Diet Salads

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Salad types for diet

One of the biggest rules to be done while diet.

Carbohydrate foods, fatty foods, sugary foods are one of the main causes of obesity. It is necessary to eat healthy. Generally, light dishes and Salads should be preferred. Especially you can only use your dinner for salads.

Diet Salad Recipes


1 tablespoon olive oil

1 boiled half chicken breast

1 medium -sized tomatoes

1 cucumber

3 fresh onions

1 Piece onion

4/1 parsley

4/1 stream grass

1 tablespoon corn

1/2 belly salad


Belly washed thoroughly washed and divided into small pieces by hand. and add salt.

toned fish salad


1 box tuna

1 belly salad

1 tomato (use optionally)

1 cucumber

3 pieces of fresh onions

2 pointed pepper


PEPPLE peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and fresh onions are chopped small. While eating a salad, you enjoy the salad and food together.

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