Who is Canan Karatay, the creator of the Karatay diet?

Canan Efedigil Karatay was born in 1943 Elazığ İzzetpaşa.1961 Üsküdar Girls' High School, 1967 He completed his education at Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine.

Canan Efendigil KARATAY As it is known, all diets of recent years destroyed the theories of nutrition and brought a new perspective to nutrition and weight loss. Karatay has written the book of healthy eating not only on the diet. Karatay suggests to overcome two meals to lose weight. The body says that he will gain weight with more than two meals. He says that his person should not eat at least an hour to lose weight. It will continue to burn fat in the body as long as the hormone of the leptin hormone is secreted. When the introtein intake is increased and carbohydrate intake is reduced, the body was discovered by Canan Karatay that the body was used automatically stored and not to be taken again.

Canan Karatay Books

1) Karatay ce. ABC `s weight loss with scientific facts

2) Karatay ce. Lifelong Health, Skewa with the Karatay Diet, hello to happiness

3) Karatay ce. and take meat. There is a solution to cancer! What to stay away from, what to eat, how to live? Candy, why do sweet poisons?

Canan karatay kimdir

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