Can we eat and lose weight

It is necessary to be aware that you have to eat healthy to lose weight.

It is not possible to realize how unhealthy it is when you hold a list of food you consume during the day. It is possible to lose weight by consuming healthy foods. Carbohydrate foods can prevent the person from burning fat during the diet and even storage fat during the diet. For years, we have to experience the idea that we should behave in our minds like our elders who engraved in our minds. to re -gain the habit of ourselves and our family. Poor protein -weighted eating and keeping his body fit and weakened in a healthy way. He refuted the theses about the diet and confirmed his thesis that people have been weakened by hungry for years.

The human body can take the necessary carbohydrate as natural carbohydrates without excessive consumption from the vegetables and fruit we eat, as well as the need for additional carbohydrates from the outside, and only protein -weighted foods by consuming foods until they are eaten, they are proved to have lost weight without hungry. PP>

Example Protein Diet List

Sabah: Unlimited Cheese Types

2 boiled eggs

tea, coffee, green tea unlimited

Greenery as desired

Lunch: Portion turns without lean (up to saturated)

Salad Unlimited

Evening: Meat, fish, meatballs, chicken unlimited boiling or grill

Unlimited salad

1 bowl of yogurt

Note: This diet has been prepared by giving an example of protein diet. When making a protein diet, the person is not made on a certain list. According to the preference of the person, the only one should determine the meals itself is the protein -weighted nutrition. .In human body extra carbohydrates causes direct fat storage.

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