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The foundation of carbohydrates is carbon, oxygen and organic components. Carbohydrates, which are easily digested in the human body, are an energy and calorie -loaded nutrient source. It is found in foods such as sugar and starch. People who want to lose weight must pay attention to the amount of carbohydrate consumed. Since carbohydrate is a food that is immediately stored in the body, it is necessary to reduce the dough food we eat by making a daily calorie account .

Sugar, niche foods, chocolate, cocoa, and all floury foods are foods containing high degree carbohydrates.

All dairy products have different amounts of carbohydrates according to their contents. Carbohydrates are as harmful to human body and health as a source of nutrients. If we take more than the carbohydrates we need daily, our body stores it and converts it into fat. Non -health carbohydrates are often found in the external chips, wafer, confectionery and ready -made foods that we call junk food. Brunette rice, dandruff bread, barley foods such as. Carbohydrates harmful to our body, acidic beverages, ready -made pasta, jam, canned, pasta, cookie confectionery such carbohydrates create sudden decrease in blood sugar.

In a young age, the habit of consuming healthy carbohydrates should be created by preventing unhealthy carbohydrates.

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