Painful Words, Painful Love Words

If you never looked me at all, I loved you so much.

The most painful thing in life is to think that it is loved and to understand that it is not loved.

If you were with me half of me in my mind, believed we would never leave

If you knew how much I loved you.

I miss you so much I miss it and I miss you even if I don't care like crazy

I can't breathe without you

Life makes exams first and then gives a lesson to people

You think you can't live without it, you look at you, you breathe.

I'm laughing because I can't cry as the clown said.

No matter how much you say to someone else after me, you will be okay.

You are as good as you use everyone in this life.

Spring does not come to the life of the winter in the heart.

I can't find a cure for my resentment.

Life brings back what goes back.

I don't think I don't mind, not because I forgive, on most things

If you want your head to be upright, you will value people as much as necessary.

a happy loneliness is much better than an unhappy unity.

more than the limit of the king of the clown.

If you are not fighting for what you want, don't cry for what you lose.

Never tell themselves, no effort, dos do not need it.

If he feels in vain, he does not feel joy in his wish.

If you are happy with yourself, you will not have any problems with anyone.

Don't spend your most beautiful tomorrows for those who do not see your heart.

A person is valuable with the one who knows his value.

If you don't know your value while you have it, you can't stop it from your departure.

You like it, you get a wife, you can not buy black love.

To sell your love for a moment of enthusiasm, you won't regret it.

past the past now get past.

You never knew but I always loved you.

Do you protect me from everything if we were offended.

No matter how sorry I am, don't worry, I will not fling the wound that holds the shell again.

Sometimes it needs to know that people are loved.

Patience is the key to distress.

One of my pşimancılık was to make sentences to people who didn't even deserve my words and try to explain myself.

Living with the past is the heaviest mental illness.

You will put the point at the end of the sentence, but where you hesitate.

As much as I am silent, I'm as wounded as I speak.

I am in such a place that it is not possible to go, it is possible to give up, to give up and to resist;

There is a sun behind each cloud.

The man should avoid upset the woman he loves.

Love The only object that feeds it is safe.

I'm sorry I'm not the person you can talk about when you think of it.

I left my freedom to your palms. But you couldn't take care of me in your heart.

You cannot bring back a dead one and the disappeared confidence.

You will not find a place to throw yourself into everything in your throw.

I left everything to flow these days most of my tears.

If you can't pull your own boat yourself, you can't go somewhere.

If you can't take another step after running to the side, don't run there, it's a pity for you, not you.

is not strong enough to have a longing for a language.

Life consists of small things, they grow as you love.

If you see don't leave me to others, you can't stand it.

If a woman says go to you crying.

You can not give hope and instill confidence and leave half -way people in two worlds in two worlds.

You will not call anyone who should be already with and not with you.

Remember, your life will burn as much as you burn and upset as you upset.

I learned to say goodbye to those who do not deserve to include those who deserve my existence in my life.

If there is something more difficult than missing, not being able to tell the person you miss.

I took some of them silence, let them steal as much as they want.

We saw the bottom of the pain, we were still not happy.

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