Yogurt juice diet

You've heard that yogurt has been consumed against poisoning for centuries, and that it was applied on burns against sunburn, and you've ever heard of the ability to weaken.

We do not write wrong yes yogurt low calorie, nutritious feature and digestive effect is useful to lose weight.

Yogurt diet by making the burning of the excess fat in our body and the ability to come to the weight of the water in the body can be reached.

It is possible to lose 3 to5 kilos in 5 days with the yogurt diet.

yogurt diet

2 days in the morning the same

1 Fincen Sugar -free coffee and a bowl of lean yogurt


1st day: 1 bowl of soup-4 spoon of vegetable dinner 250 g lean yogurt

2nd day: 1 bowl of soup -5 grilled meatball -250 gr lean yogurt

Day 3 Lunch: 1 bowl of soup -1 but boiling -250 gr lean yogurt

4th day lunch: 1 bowl of soup -4 spoons of vegetables -250 gr lean yogurt.

5th day lunch: 1 bowl of soup-1 carrot grated-50 gr lean yogurt


1st day evening: 80 gr lean meat -50 g yogurt

2nd day evening: 80 g chicken meat grilled or boiled -250 g yogurt

Day 3 Evening: 100 g Fish to Grill or Speed-Free -50 Gr Yogurt

Day 4 Evening: 4 Meatball Grill -250 g Yogurt

5. Day evening: 80 gr lean meat -250 g yogurt

Do not pour the juice that you will use for diet, do not pour the water, on the contrary, it is more useful for you to drink water with a spoon.

Yoğurt Suyu ile Zayıflama

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