What does the donkey understand from the compassion, the donkey is pleasant.

What moments of the proverb from donkey compote:

Donkey leaves the water from the compassion.

In this proverb, an old situation is emphasized, if you put a compote in front of a donkey, donkey water. But he will not eat because he cannot notice the grains that are more delicious.

This proverb: It is used for those who cut ahkam even though there is no idea. This promise is used when you do the job he does not know "What understands from donkey compote"


-I don't like this picture, where is the art of it

- What understands from donkey compote


- your hair is very bad

- I gave 100 lira to paint it, what does the donkey understand from the compassion.


What moments of donkey compassion : Drinks the water of the compote because he does not understand, he does not eat grains such as grapes, apricots and apples.

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